A little bit about us

Uvello is a full service graphic design firm that specializes in print design, web design, illustration, photography, and video. We're based in historic Annapolis Maryland, but we service clients in the greater Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas. So, if you're looking for great design, you've come to the right place.

Uvello was founded by Trip Ulvila and Dwayne Ravello to combat boring, mainstream design and bring great design and illustration to the Washington DC metro area. We love taking on projects no matter what you're looking for, and we can accommodate anything from business cards, flyers, brochure design, all the way to fully custom illustration, logo design and branding, and even Wordpress based website design.

Uvello was formed in 2009 after Dwayne Ravello and Trip Ulvila decided to combine their efforts after years of offering each other feedback and collaborating on several smaller projects. We're currently located in Maryland's capital, Annapolis, MD striving to provide innovative web design, graphic design, photography, and cutting edge illustration, unlike any other firm.

Dwayne Ravello is a renowned illustrator hailing from Baltimore Maryland. Dwayne has an unreal ability to sketch, design, and paint, giving Uvello a competitive edge with traditional media. In this day and age, many clients are looking for hand-done illustration that isn't one size fits all by any means. This is where Dwayne Ravello thrives.

Trip Ulvila is our technical illustrator, web designer, CSS aficionado, and Wordpress developer from Annapolis, MD. With past clients such as the Walt Disney Company, Euro Gourmet, and Code Blue Campaign, he has experience handling large projects. Trip has a crazy devotion to technical illustration and gets giddy at the thought of creating new web projects. He also provides our photography and videography projects. Along with Dwayne, Trip specializes in branding, print design, and has a traditional media background.

Unlike many other agencies, Uvello is founded by two artist who learned the technical aspects of the industry, not vice versa.